Relationship Status

I will be starring in the upcoming film Relationship Status, a feature film that explores how we find love, fall in love, and stay in love in the 24/7 oversharing, cyberstalking, hashtagging, swipe right digital age. A Love Actually for the Facebook/Twitter/Instagram selfie generation. Relationship Status will star Milo Ventimiglia, Shawn Ashmore, Emma Bell, McKinley Freeman, and myself. Directed by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum and produced by Fall Fathom Five, DiVide and Haven Entertainment. Click the image to enlarge:


I will be playing Thomas Hutter, the lead in Nosferatu an upcoming film by David Lee Fisher to be released Halloween 2016. Nosferatu will be a live action film combined with colorized digital bacgrounds recreated fromthe seminal original film. The masterpiece horror classic Nosferatu is considered the first true vampire film ever made.

The title role of Nosferatu will be played by Doug Jones, the man behind the mask of characters such as 'Abe Sapien' (Hellboy), 'Pan,' the terrifying 'Pale Man' from the multi-Oscar winning Pan's Labyrinth, and the legendary 'Silver Surfer' in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Canadian actress Sarah Carter will be playing the role of Ellen and the role of Ruth will be played by Joely Fisher. Click the images to enlarge:

Ad Week

Latest Press from Ad Week. Click the image to enlarge:

Vanity Press

The latest Vanity press from Western Morning News Read the full article here. Click the images to enlarge:

Casting News

I have just wrapped shooting 12 episodes of the new original scripted series called Vanity for Stylehaul/Amazon. I'll be playing the role of Alistair alongside Denise Richards. The show will start streaming June 11th. Created by Emmy Award-winner Bernie Su, the show is set in NYC's high fashion world sponsored by Maybelline. Vanity has been featured in Variety Magazine. Read the article here.

Brent Weber Shoot

Here are some shots from my most recent photoshoot with photographer Brent Weber. Click the images to enlarge:

Till We Meet Again

Congratulations to my fellow cast members and crew on Till We Meet Again. So happy to hear the film just won best picture at the Los Angeles Independent Film Awards. Great way to start the festival circuit!
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Kushuthara Official Trailer

I am excited to share the official trailer for Kushuthara. I had a magical time making this movie and I can't wait for you all to see it.
Click the image to enlarge:

Person of Interest

Catch me tomorrow night on the CBS drama Person of Interest at 9PM. Hope you enjoy it! Click the image to enlarge:

Till We Meet Again

Here is a first look at "Till We Meet Again" shot on location in Thailand. I play the role of David, a confident good looking personal trainer full of charm. Check out some stills from the shoot. Click the images to enlarge:

Till We Meet Again - Behind the scenes

Some behind the scenes shots from "Till We Meet Again" shot in Thailand Click the images to enlarge:

Person of Interest

I had a fantastic time shooting the TV show Person of Interest in New York. It was a dream come true to play a role like this. You will have to watch it to find out more! Catch me on Episode 10 - The Cold War. Click the image to enlarge:

'Kushuthara: Pattern of Love' news

Kushuthara will be playing as an official selection at the 45th South Asian Film Festival in Goa, India from November 20th to November 30th, 2014. Recent press the film has been getting. Click the links below to check out the press!

Fusion Lifestyle MagazineFollowingthenerd.comTorquay Herald ExpressBroadway World

Parting Shot

I was delighted to shoot the short film "Parting Shot" as part of the "Make Your Mark" film competition for the Producers Guild of America. You have to write, film, and edit your film in 48 hours.

The film is now going to various film festivals. It just played as the official selection at the San Pedro International Film Festival on October 11, 2014.

I play the lead role - William, an MI6 Spy. Check out the synopsis and imdb page here. Click the images to enlarge:


Had a blast working on the hilarious new ABC show Black-ish. The cast was so fun to work with and were incredibly welcoming.You can see me in Episode 7 – Andre from Marseille. My character's name is "Sex." I am the personification of "Sex." Watch to find out more! :)
Click the images to enlarge:

Avalon Hollywood

I made my West Coast headlining debut at the Avaolon in Hollywood on September 11, 2014. I performed three songs including: Reboot My Heart, Latched (Sam Smith cover), and Hypnotized in front of an amazing crowd of 3,000 people. I am excited to share a link to the full performance plus a little behind the scenes.

Here is a short 15 second promo:
Click the images to enlarge:

Till We Meet Again

I have just been cast in a very exciting new feature film called, Till We Meet Again. The film takes places between New York and Thailand. I will be playing David, one of the leads in the film. I am looking forward to filming in Thailand this June. Check out the movie's page at

Kushuthara:Pattern of Love on IMDB

Click here to check out the link for Kushuthara: Pattern of Love on IMDB.

Julia Clancey Campaign

Check out the campaign I shot for Julia Clancey's new ring collection.
Click the images to enlarge:

You Won't Forget Tonight

I play the lead love interest in the hot and steamy music video for Jessie Andrews new single: Jessie Andrews (Featuring Comets We Fall) - You Won't Forget Tonight.
Click the images to enlarge:

From Here On Out

I was delighted to be asked to record the theme song for the TV show that I am also appearing in called "From Here On Out." I play Haggis on the show. Check out this extended remix of the song.

Gliss Music Video

I choreographed and performed in the Gliss Music Video. Click the images to enlarge:


I was cast in the exciting new dance short film called Ballon as Nico, the lead male, a principle dancer in the Ballet company.
Click the images to enlarge:

Altered Perception

I play Steven in the upcoming Sci-Fi thriller Altered Perception to be released in 2014. Watch the trailer.
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Blood Rush on DVD

Blood Rush will be released on DVD/VOD/Netflix on March 4, 2014 through Brain Damage Films. I play Tom in this fun campy zombie infected horror film. (Click images to enlarge)

Kushutara: Pattern of Love

Check out a few film stills from my upcoming movie Kushutara: Pattern of Love. The movie was shot on location in Northern Bhutan. Worldwide release is slated for 2014.

Click the images to enlarge:

Earphones and Eddon Awards

This year I was honored to receive not one but two awards for my voice work. I was awarded the Earphones Award by Audio File Magazine for Exceptional Audio Performance for the narration of the children's book Neversink written by Barry Wolverton. I was also awarded the 2014 Eddon Award for my work on Neversink.

Hypnotized Music Video

I am excited to share my first ever music video, "Hypnotized," directed by Sam Davis and Brandon Verdi, written by myself and the fantastic Elaine Macaluso & Benj Heard. The track can be heard in two upcoming feature films that I am starring in: 'The Lucifer Effect' and 'Kushutrara: Pattern of Love,' to be released in 2013.


Look out for the exciting new action/sci-fi movie that I helped produce called "Brutal!"

Scott Hoover Photo Shoot

Here are some shots from a recent photo shoot with Scott Hoover. Click the images to enlarge:

Orphan Pamuk - Silent House Audio Book

Here is a great review for the audio book I recorded in 2013 called "Orphan Pamuk." I also got a nice mention in @PublishersWkly: "Cooper and Lee are the true standouts, delivering stellar turns that resonate long after the final chapter." Read the full review here!

'Touch' on Fox

I appeared in the hit FOX TV show, "Touch," in February, playing a sharp tongued British publicist. The episode was directed by Michael Waxman and was titled "Closer."

The 2013 Toscars

As soon as I landed back in Los Angeles I went straight into filming The Toscars spoof on "Beasts of the Southern Wild." Our parody was aptly called 'Breasts of the Southern Wild!"

Click the images to enlarge:

Amalia Belle Rex Portrait!

I was very privileged to have my talented friend and artist create this beautiful portrait of me. Check out here site here.

Walk A Mile In My Pradas – UK Release

'Walk A Mile In My Pradas' is now available in the UK on DVD. You can buy it at all major retailers. I play Michael in this fun Christmas movie.
It will be released on January 28th in the UK and will be available at HMV stores (physical & online), Lovefilm, Gardner, Prowler,, and iTunes UK!
Watch the trailer here on vimeo!
(Click photos to enlarge)


I spent the month of January filming the lead in the feature film "Kushtara: Pattern of Love." All principle photography took place in Bhutan. It was a life changing experience, one I will always treasure. The people in Bhutan were so warm and generous and I can't wait to get back to the country again soon.

Here is some info on my character:
"Emrhys Cooper plays the role of Charlie, a handsome, self-assured and hardworking photojournalist, sent to report on the traditional art of weaving in the tiny Kingdom of Bhutan. He finds himself in a small village in the mountains where he meets Chokimo, a young and beautiful master weaver. Charlie fallis in love with Chokimo and gets caught in web of events and memories that only begin to make sense as Chokimo tells her unusual story. As the relationship develops, Charlie begins to understand his own life from a new perspective."

Click the images to enlarge:

Kristine Ambrose Photo Shoot

I had the pleasure of shooting with the talented photographer Kristine Ambrose!
Here are some photos from the photo shoot. Click the images to enlarge:

Trend This Holiday Special

I had so much fun spoofing Twilight in the Holiday Special of Trend This!
Check it out here on KoldCast Tv!

Birthday Cake

I got cast in the feature film "Birthday Cake" this month. Filming took place in Los Angeles and I played a very fun character called Wyatt Jackson. He is a movie star from "that movie about the vampires," and is dating a former underwear model!

Check out the movie in theaters starting June 3, 2013!

Jackie Collins - Hollywood Lies

I was delighted to be cast in the brand new play by the legendary Jackie Collins, "Jackie Collins Hollywood Lies," playing at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Hollywood. I played the character Pete. Pete is a bad boy British rocker/train-wreck/sex addict, who is hiding a big secret!

Click the images to enlarge:

Stills from 'Touch'

I just shot an episode of the Fox TV show Touch starring Keifer Sutherland. My episode is called "Closer" and it was directed by Michael Waxman. I was cast in the role of a British publicist.

Check out the behind the scenes photos below. (Click to enlarge)

Joining the Cast of 'Trend This'

I am joining the TV show 'Trend This' along side Amy Paffrath! Click the link to see us interview the latest upcoming people who are trending as well as performing some comedy skits.

Voicing Neversink

I just voiced a children's book called Neversink. Click here to order it from amazon!

Silent House

I am excited to announce I will be voicing the acclaimed book Silent House!

Blood Rush Official Trailer

Here is the official trailer for the new movie I just wrapped called Blood Rush.

Good Gone Bad Photo Shoot

From the Shore of Devon to the Hills of Hollywood comes the tale of an English Gentleman, becoming a Hollywood Sex Symbol.. a country boy, becomes a city slicker-- A good boy gone bad!

Here are some photos from the my latest magazine photo shoot. Click the images to enlarge:

Emrhys on Desperate Housewives

Don't forget to watch me on the final season of Desperate Housewives on ABC.


I am over the moon to have won an award for a role I loved playing so much. I won best actor in a lead role for Entertaining Mr. Sloane. It was the most challenging and invigorating role I have ever taken on.

I am so delighted Stage Scene LA awards recognised myself and the rest of the cast and production.

Critics love Sloane

I am so delighted to share the wonderful reviews I received in the production of Entertaining Mr. Sloane. It was a truly extraordinary experience, one I will treasure forever. 

Wreaking havoc on the above three is the sensational and utterly appealing Cooper, whose L.A. stage debut as Mr. Sloane provides the young Brit with a terrific showcase for his tiptop acting chops, crackerjack comic timing, and irresistible sex-appeal. Lighting up the stage from his first entrance, Cooper simply couldn’t be better at bringing Orton’s amoral psychopath to seductive, occasionally violent, always captivating life.

StageScene LA

The cast is superb. Cooper is a sensual treat as Sloane, who is at his most volatile when any obstacle stands in his way.

Emrhys Cooper lacks the experience of his veteran co-stars, but his coy easiness on stage and physical attractiveness makes him the consummate object of their attention.


“Entertaining Mr. Sloane” boasts impressive performances from it’s fine cast. Emrhys Cooper shines as Sloane in a sexually charged, nuanced portrayal.

Hollywood Revealed

Emrhys Cooper, as the manipulative Mr. Sloane, is adorable and ironically sincere. Cooper’s acting is bold and terraced and raw. This performance is, apparently, Cooper’s Los Angeles debut, and rather than simply fit into a community of seasoned theatrical pros, Cooper is poised to raise the bar. 

The Examiner

Emrhys Cooper as Sloane sizzles with steamy boyish sensuality! 

Tolucan Times

Emrhys Cooper is perfectly cast for the title role of Mr Sloane and handles the huge task of portraying con artist/ flirt/chancer/bully/opportunist and murderer spectacularly well.

The Angelo Files

Cooper is every inch that man, with his irresistible Jude-Law looks and pan-sexual appeal.

Frontiers Magazine

Cooper is physically perfect as the duplicitous gigolo and has fine moments, underplaying the role to contrast with the more broadly etched portraits. Yet we should see the wheels turning in Sloane's demented mind a little more clearly. Cooper is most credible when openly depicting the scoundrel's true colors.


"You know that a character such as Mr.Sloan comes to life when an actor truly understands the intricacy and complexity of his this case Emrhys Cooper not only understood him but lived the character making us all believe he truly was Mr. Sloan beyond the stage. So much so that I still question whether or not he is Mr. Sloan resurrected from 1964 through him. "

Splash Magazine